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PubMed: Applying Filters for Nursing Journals

You may be required to find articles written by nurses. Limiting your results to the nursing journals subset is an effective way to help find nurse authored articles since nurses are most likely to publish in the nursing journals. Once you pull up the article, be sure to see if you can find the author's or authors' credentials, which tend to be most easily found in the PDF version of articles. 

Below are steps to limit your results to nursing journals in PubMed.

Step 1: After you've run a search in PubMed, use the left-hand filters and keep scrolling until you see the box that says Additional filters.

Screenshot showing above step for scrolling to Additional filters

Step 2: Select Additional Filters

Screenshot of Step 2

Step 3: Once in Additional Filters, select Journal.  Check the box next to Nursing and select Show.  Note: Your filter is still not applied, see next step!

Step 4: Journal will then display in the left-hand filters menu. Check the Nursing journals box!

Screenshot of Nursing journals with box checked in PubMed's left-hand filters

PubMed APA Citing Help

PubMed has now added the option to get an APA style citation. Beware: Databases do make citation mistakes, so always double check the database's "APA" citation against an APA style Guide. Here are the steps to follow to get a start on your APA citations from PubMed:

  1. Click on the article title to go into the full record. On the right-hand side click on Cite.
  2. The default citation format is National Library of Medicine Style (NLM). Click on Format at the bottom of the pop-up citation box, and change it from NLM to APA.
  3. Consider copying directly from the box rather than hitting the Copy button. If you hit the Copy button it strips out the needed italics. You're now ready to paste the citation into your Word document and double check it for accuracy.

Below is a screenshot with the steps numbered for getting an APA style citation from PubMed.

Screenshot of steps 1 - 3 above.