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BoardVitals Overview

BoardVitals - NCLEX-RN:

This national exam preparation tool gives you access to more than 3000 test bank questions with thorough explanations for correct answers, and allows you to monitor your progress over time from your own account. The computer adaptive testing mimics the real-life experience you'll have when taking your national exam, including the blueprint of the NCLEX-RN.  To use BoardVitals, you must first create an account - see the box below.

Creating a BoardVitals Account

Create a BoardVitals account to start using NCLEX study tools, including computer adaptive tests (CAT).

  1. Use the above link and fill out the form.  Be sure to register for an account using your Ferris email address.
  2. After selecting Register, be sure to immediately check your FSU email (you may need to look in the Junk folder) and click on the link to verify your BoardVitals account.
  3. You're all set.  In the future you can go directly to the BoardVitals Login Page!

Getting Started with BoardVitals NCLEX-RN

Follow these steps when starting with BoardVitals:

  1. Login at the link above.
  2. NCLEX-RN should show up under Active Question Banks.  You should not need to purchase anything! After you've created a BoardVitals account, just select Go to get started.

Screenshot of page once logged in with directions from step 2 restated

  1. You are now ready to create a Customized Exam.  Your major selection options are:
    • Question Status: All, Unanswered, Incorrect, or Create Adaptive Exam (Adaptive Exam is CAT)
    • Difficulty Level:  All, Easy, Moderate, Hard
    • Subjects:  Areas covered in the NCLEX-RN
    • Test Mode: Timed with answers showing at end or Study Review Mode with answers and explanations showing after each question
    • Number of questions you'd like
  2. Now you're ready to take your first practice exam!
  3. After you've taken your initial exam, you'll start building a performance record within your own personal account.  Your account has multiple options including:
    • Dashboard: Test Banks Available (NCLEX-RN)
    • Performance: See how you've performed in different subject areas
    • Timeline: After taking 3 tests you can track your performance over time
    • Exams: Review previously taken exams
    • CME/CE: With exam prep you probably won't be using this feature yet
    • Flagged questions: While taking an exam you can Flag questions you'd like to quickly get back to later
    • Search: Find questions in the test bank with a keyword search
    • Refer us: That's to get other people to buy this product