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Anatomy.TV (Wait, you haven't made it to Anatomy.TV yet!!!!! You're still a step away!  See the instructions below) is an interactive anatomy tool that allows you to add and remove layers so you can look at human anatomy in depth (3D Atlas & 3D Real-Time).  Zoom in on anatomical regions, click on them and obtain a detailed description, rotate the structure to view it from different angles, and more!


Getting to

  1. Click on the link
  2. When the webpage comes up, be sure to click on the center image as seen below to officially enter

Anatomy.TV where to click

3. Once in, use the left-hand menu and select what module you would like to use. 
Select your module

4. Initially a video tutorial will pop up over your module - Just close it out, or view these tutorials.

Anatomy.TV Tutorial

Want to learn more about using There are many helpful video tutorials for the 3D Real-time module and 3D Atlas to help you make the most out of this product.