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BoardVitals Instructors' Only Access

BoardVitals Overview

BoardVitals has practice exams for the NBDHE. Learn how to use BoardVitals to help your students succeed! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

As an instructor, you have been granted administrative privileges in BoardVitals! See the boxes below to learn how to embrace BoardVitals!

BoardVitals administrators can now create custom quizzes and assign them to students! You don't have to follow these steps in order, but below are the main tasks you can perform as a BoardVitals Administrator, using the Admin tab:

  • Create Classes
  • Create Assignments (Custom Quizzes)
  • Usage Reports 

Create Classes

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Classes

  1. Make sure all students in your course have created a free BoardVitals account, using the link below ( using their FSU email. *They will need to check their email to verify their account after it's created.
  1. As an instructor, use the BoardVitals link below ( and login using your full name FSU email address. 
  1. Make sure that NBDHE is showing up for the Question Bank
  2. Use the Admin tab (screenshot below) and select Classes

Screenshot of BoardVitals dashboard highlighting Classes and NBDHE

  1. Select button on right-hand side Create New Class (you can also view Archived Classes)
  2. Give the class a name
  3. Add students (this is when it becomes vital that students have registered for an account)
  4. If a student isn't showing on the list, they haven't yet registered with BoardVitals. Have them register for BoardVitals - see step 1
  5. You're now ready to create and deploy assignments to your class!

Create Assignments (Custom Exams)

Now that you know how to create classes, learn how to create assignments (custom quizzes) for the classes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Assignments (Custom Quizzes)

  1. As an instructor, use the BoardVitals link below ( and login using your full name FSU email address. 
  1. Select your Question Bank (NBDHE) from the top center menu
  2. Use the Admin tab and select Assignments
  3. Create a New Assignment Template
  4. Follow the prompts to create your assignment. When you've created your assignment and Review it, if you see questions you'd like to exclude, just hit the delete icon, and Add Questions. Then Create Assignment Template.
  5. Give your Assignment a name, and then select the Assignment Type:
    1. Test: Students can't see the explanation of correct answers until after the designated end of the test period
    2. Tutor only lets students answer once and provides answers / explanations during the course of the quiz
    3. Study lets students answer until they get the correct response and then provides explanations. Reportedly, most professors go with Study option over Tutor
  6. Provide assignment instructions, such as the test is to be a closed book exam, completed independently, etc.
  7. Select Timed, if you like, and then select time / question
  8. Select send time and end date. 
  9. Select to Randomize Question Order or not
  10. Select your options for hiding Results and hiding Question Review
  11. Now you can select the recipients, and if you've already created a Class, then you can deploy it to the class!
  12. After an Assignment has been deployed to a class, when you go to the Admin > Assignments tab, and you'll see the list of assignments. You can view performance for each listed assignment.
  13. You also have the option of viewing performance by Class by going to Admin > Classes.

Usage Reports

With Usage Reports, you can view usage / performance of individual students and see how they're doing compared to national norms and FSU's norm, as well as their time spent on the assignments / practice quizzes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Usage Reports

  1. As an instructor, use the BoardVitals link below ( and login using your full name FSU email address. 
  1. Under the Admin. tab, select Usage Reports
  2. You can select the timeframe for the usage report
  3. Select View Report, and from there you can select to View Students, View Stats, or View Classes. Take a look at these different dashboards!

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