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Pharmacy: NAPLEX Resources

Prepare for the NAPLEX

AccessPharmacy NAPLEX Review

For preparing for the NAPLEX, please do the following in AccessPharmacy:

1. Go to the College of Pharmacy's subscription to AccessPharmacy, linked above.

2. The top right-hand corner should say Ferris State University. Click on Sign In and either Create a Free MyAccess Profile, or sign in to your already created profile. **Be sure to login to your account during final's week - the MyAccess Profile stays active for 90 days after last sign-in through Ferris State University.**

Screen shot of AccessPharmacy homepage highlighting Sign in box and stating 1) Click on Sign In  2) Sign in or Create Profile

3. To make sure that your MyAccess Profile works from off-campus, sign out of your account and close down AccessPharmacy. Go to the non-subscription link for AccessPharmacy:
Note: You may have to clear your Browser history or switch browsers if you're still being recognized as Ferris State University.

Screenshot of non-subscription link to AccessPharmacy that states: To ensure that your MyAccessProfile works from off-campus, go to the non-subscription link for AccessPharmacy. The top right-hand corner should say Sign In.

4. Once at the general link for AccessPharmacy, sign in to your account (MyAccess Profile). Then, using the top navigation, click on your name, and select My Dashboard.

Screenshot showing being logged in to non-subscription access to AccessPharmacy, with My Dashboard displaying. Image states: Once signed in: 1) Click on your name  2) Select My Dashboard

5. Once you're in My Dashboard, you should see a notification of how many days you have left for remote access to AccessPharmacy.

Screenshot showing box that pops up giving MyAccess subscription time left

6. When you're back in AccessPharmacy, the AccessPharmacy NAPLEX Review resources are found under the NAPLEX Central link.

Screenshot of AccessPharmacy top navigation with NAPLEX Central circled

7. Notice the Study Hint in AccessPharmacy that indicates to first take test questions from McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX® Review Guide, 3e, followed by the questions from 2018 NAPLEX Online Question Bank.

Screenshot of AccessPharmacy NAPLEX Central pointing to first 2 books to use for test preparation, indicating McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX® Review Guide, 3e is Recommended as 1st test bank, and 2018 NAPLEX® Online Question Bank is recommended as 2nd Test Bank

8. To start a test, click on the desired book (Test Bank), and then click on Go to Review Questions and select the categories and number of questions, etc. 

Screenshot of McGraw-Hills NAPLEX Review Guide pointing to Go to Review Questions and indicating: Select Go to Review Questions to begin a test

**Be sure to sign into your individual MyAccess account in AccessPharmacy on your last day at FSU so your 90-day access will begin at this time!

Current NAPLEX Review Book in AccessPharmacy

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