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Avoiding Plagiarism

This short video defines plagiarism, shows examples and how to avoid it.

Please note the KCAD policy regarding plagiarism will be different than the one presented at the end of the video. Check you student handbook and/or talk with your faculty member.

When in Doubt, Cite it Out

Why cite your resources?

  • To give the original author(s)/creator(s) proper credit.
  • To give credit to ideas that are not your own
  • To provide support for your argument or discussion
  • To provide access to the information you used to your readers/audience

Steps to avoid plagiarism

  • Differentiate uncommon vs. common knowledge
  • Take careful notes
  • Immediately create a list of your resources, a bibliography or work cited page
  • Cite your sources correctly
  • Properly quote, paraphrase and summarize sources

Style, Format and Citation Resources

A long time authoritative source for style, format & citation guides is the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). Links provided below.

Another comprehensive source for guidance in the writing process, research and citation is the Excelsior Online Writing Lab (Excelsior OWL).