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Gale PowerSearch: Keyword Searching

By default you'll go into Gale Powersearch's keyword search.

Screenshot of Powersearch's homepage stating labeling the default keyword search and stating if overwhelmed with results, consider using the Advanced or Subject Guide Search

Note: When searching on multiple keywords, use the word and between keywords so that they do not have to be searched side-by-side, unless you want them side-by-side.

Example 1: Without and

Screenshot of results for searching on handwashing infections. Without using the word and, under Content Types there are 64 Magazine results, 332 Academic Journals, 27 Books and 399 News

Example 2: With and

Screenshot of PowerSearch keyword results set when using search terms handwashing and infection. A dialogue box is pointing to the results list indicating Notice how many more results are obtained when the word and was used between keywords, and the additional Content Types that came up, such as Images, Videos and Audio. There are 753 Magazines results, 2324 Academic Journals, 261 Books, 4951 News, 2 Images, 3 Videos, and 1 Audio

Gale PowerSearch Results

After you've run a search, be sure to notice your Content Types.  Content Types tend to include Magazines (default), Academic Journals, Books, News, Images, and Videos.

Screenshot of Gale PowerSearch results Content Types. Image indicates: "Notice the Content Types to the right of your results.  The default is Magazines, but you may need Academic Journals, Books, or other Content Types."

Note: Gale PowerSearch has many full text results.  Use the Find It link if a result is not full text.

Gale PowerSearch: Subject Guide Search

The Subject Guide Search allows you to search on individual topics, and then you can break down your topic by Subdivision.

Screenshot of Subject Guide Search stating; Search of just 1 topic (Subject)

Not all subjects will be found, but sometimes you'll be referred to the correct topic.

Screenshot of Subject Guide search showing referral to different Subject stating: Even though the Subject Nosocomial infections wasn't found, the database refers the user to the term Cross infection. This subject has 41,007 results

When you do get into a topic, be sure to click on the + next to Subdivisions to get a topic breakdown.

Screenshot in a Subject Term page showing Subdivisions and stating: Once in your subject, click on the + by Subdivisions to see a very useful breakdown of your topic.


Gale PowerSearch Advanced Search

The Advanced Search has multiple rows of search boxes.  Enter a different concept into each row.  If you're getting too many results, the Advanced Search will allow you to restrict your keywords to the Document TitleNote:  See the worksheet below for creating an Advanced Search that works:

Example Advanced Search:

Screenshot of Gale PowerSearch's Advanced Search indicating: "In the Advanced Search each row is for a different concept.  Use the word or between keywords to tell the database to pick up this or this word - any will work.  Quote marks indicate that the words must be picked up exactly as shown in the quotes." Also stating: "You can use the pull-down menu to change where the words are found.  Document Title will help limit your results and will make results more likely to be on-topic since your keywords are found in the title."

Gale PowerSearch Tools

If you click on a title to go into the full record, you'll see the Tools on the right side of the screen.  One option is Citation Tools that can assist you with creating a properly formatted citation; however, the citations in this database are usually incorrect and require modifications.  Please check the citation against an APA style guide, such as the APA Guide linked below.

Screenshot of PowerSearch Tools with Citation Tools circled and stating: If the article's not automatically full text, under Tools you'll see Library Links - click on Find It