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Anatomy.TV is an awesome resource for DHYG students with a specialized module for Dental Hygiene!

Getting Started with Anatomy.TV

  1.  Once in Anatomy.TV, use the left-hand menu and select Clinical Specialties. (Note: You may also want to look at the other options in Anatomy.TV, such as the default 3D Atlas with useful regional anatomy).

Screenshot of Anatomy,TV's homepage statingScroll down the homepage and select Clinical Specialties, and also stating You default into the 3D atlas that has regional anatomy, such as Head and Neck, so check this out too

  1.  Once you've selected Clinical Specialties, the Dental Hygiene module displays.

Anatomy.TV Clinical Specialties page screenshot with Dental Hygiene module circled stating You'll find the Dental Hygiene module under Clinical Specialties

  1. After you've selected the Dental Hygiene module, there are help options on the screen. With how much you can do in Anatomy.TV, please consider using the help sources to get the most out of this great product!

Screenshot of Dental Hygiene Module with arrow pointing to help options stating Consider looking at the various resources for help to get the most out of Anatomy.TV


Anatomy.TV Tutorials

Check out these tutorials to try to get the most out of Anatomy.TV.