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Aphthous ulcer

Aphthous ulcer: Also consider searching on these synonyms: canker sore ; aphthae


Your course textbooks are great places to look for information on your topic. The following ebooks, which may include some course textbooks, have helpful information on your topic.

Hint: To find detailed information on aphthous ulcers in the above book, select Table of Contents, and then select Index. Look up aphthous ulcers in the Index and see the page range. Below the book it tells you the page you are on (e.g., 329) - overwrite the page number with the desired page number (e.g., 12) 

Hint: To find detailed information on your topic in the above book, scroll down to see the Table of Contents, and then select Index (usually the last entry in the Table of Contents). Look up your topic in the Index (you may need to look at synonyms too) and note the page range. Above the book it tells you what page you're on (e.g. Page 355 of 366) - overwrite the page number with the desired page number (e.g, 87)

Print Books

Scholarly Articles

Step 1: Open this worksheet:

Step 2: Using the above worksheet, create a search strategy that incorporates the synonyms
Step 3: Try your search in the following databases. Consider using the databases' Advanced Search to restrict your keywords to Title only:

In the above databases, for linking to full text, be sure to see the tab for Full Text Linking.

Focusing CINAHL on Dental-Relevant Results

Many of your research topics will be dental in nature by default, such as periodontitis; however, if you have a topic that is broad or are looking up a condition that can impact areas other than the oral cavity, try these filters in CINAHL and PubMed.

Use CINAHL's Advanced Search. Here you'll find the option for Special Interest, and can select Dental Care. Note: this filter is at the bottom of the screen, so be sure to scroll down far enough

Screen shot of the Special Interest menu on CINAHL's Advanced Search with Dental Care highlighted