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DCCL Orientation & Dissertation Workshop

Guide to FLITE's resources for DCCL students, especially those working on their dissertation.

Buttons with the letter I on them

  • Search for a certain methodology by adding it to your search; examples: quantitative, qualitative, longitudinal

  • Search for certain models or theories by putting the theory in quotes; examples: "systems theory"

  • Search for a specific author; examples: theorists, well-known experts, authors of other articles that you found useful

  • Save articles and/or citations when you find them

  • Save the PDF if you have a choice

  • Save with a file name that makes sense to you

  • If you are citing an author citing someone else, find and read the original article if at all possible.

  • When you have a citation and you are looking for the full-text of the article or a copy of a book or report, please note that the citation information could be incomplete or incorrect. Lately we librarians have been finding errors like these and it's very frustrating! Please ask for help.

  • If you are not seeing results you expect to see in the databases after 20-30 minutes, stop and ask for help.

When do I stop?

Knowing when to stop researching can be difficult. If your search process has been iterative and comprehensive - if you've been refining your search and going back to searching as you learn more about your topic - this are things to look for:

  • Are you seeing recurring citations in the different databases? Have you looked the newest studies citing the relevant and important studies you are including in your literature reviews?
  • Have you looked to see what other articles the authors have published?
  • Have you met your research goals and limits of your project?