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DCCL Orientation & Dissertation Workshop

Guide to FLITE's resources for DCCL students, especially those working on their dissertation.

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Searching Google Scholar limits the general Google search to items it deems "scholarly," like journal articles, book citations, dissertations, presentations, legal cases, and patents. 

Google Scholar Limitations

Google Scholar doesn't necessarily have a lot of depth or breadth of coverage. Most importantly, though, is that a lot of what you find in Google Scholar is not available for free on the internet. To make Google Scholar work smarter for you is to configure it to work with FLITE and other libraries you have access to.

Setting Library Links

1) Go to the Google Scholar homepage:


 2) Click on Settings (If using Firefox, first click on more)  


3) Click on Library links

4) Type in Ferris State University

5) Select the following 2 boxes:

Google scholar settings

6) Click on Save 

7) Add any other colleges or universities that you have access to

8) Now when you search Google Scholar, you will see Find It links to the right of articles that we have in the Library