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DCCL Orientation & Dissertation Workshop

Guide to FLITE's resources for DCCL students, especially those working on their dissertation.

blank mind map

Concept Mapping

Concept mapping or mind mapping is one technique for brainstorming. You can create a concept map with paper and pencil or online. For more on concept mapping, this is video from the UCLA Libraries is helpful:

Free Talk

Another way to narrow your thinking from a general idea to a specific topic is to record yourself brainstorming ideas aloud for 10 minutes. Then, play the recording and transcribe any parts that interest you. Next, brainstorm aloud about those points you transcribed, again recording yourself and transcribing anything that adds focus to your brainstorm. Continue this process until you feel you have arrived at a subject or topic that can be developed into a paper. Retrieved from Loyola Marymount University Libraries


Bouncing ideas off a classmate, professor, or even a family member can generate a lot of good ideas. Tell them what you are thinking about and ask them what their perspective is on the topic. What words do they use? What do they think is important or valuable or relevant about your topic? Let the conversation flow freely but jot down notes during the conversation.


Text Analysis