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AAC Info Hub

Contains AAC forms and documents as well as individual FLITE team pages.


Welcome to the Advisory & Accountability Committee Information Hub. This LibGuide is intended to increase transparency for the various activities of FLITE's many work teams.

Recommended Annual Fall Team Activities

  • Review and update team Charges.
  • Review the "Roles and Responsibilities for Chairs and Leaders" AAC InfoHub document (delegating tasks as needed).
  • Update your AAC InfoHub team page with:  Current Membership, Meeting Schedule and Team Charge.
  • Document historical team membership by Academic Year (see AAC Team Page for an example).

Key Documents / Resources

Annual Report Forms

Chairs for all FLITE teams, please fill out the Work Team Annual Report Worksheet for the past Academic Year and send to AAC chair by May 1.

FLITE Team Initiation

Interested in starting a new FLITE team?  Find a sponsor, fill out the Work Team Charge Worksheet and submit it to the AAC Chair.

FLITE Team Revisions & Team Dissolutions

For revisions to FLITE team charges, or to formalize the dissolution of a FLITE team, please follow the FLITE Team Revision Process and complete applicable fields on the corresponding Work Team Revision Worksheet.

Membership Rotation

FLITE team membership vacancies may be filled by volunteers during the August membership rotation (see FLITE team Membership Rotation Timeline). If you need to resign from a FLITE team before the membership rotation, please see the Process for Resigning from a Work Team document

Team Leaders

Interested in becoming a FLITE team leader or currently serve as one?  Refer to FLITE's Roles and Responsibilities for Chairs and Leaders document.

Creating Accessible Content

Guides for creating accessible content: