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StatPearls NCLEX Review Instructions for Students and Instructors

Welcome to StatPearls

StatPearls has practice exams for the NCLEX-RN. Learn how to use StatPearls to help your students succeed! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

As an instructor, you have been granted administrative privileges in StatPearls! 

  1. You should have received an email invitation from StatPearls. 
  2. Once you've accepted the invitation, you will be prompted to set up your name and choose a password. Your account was created with your full name FSU email address. 

StatPearls administrators can create custom quizzes and assign them to students! You don't have to follow these steps in order, but below are the main tasks you can perform as a StatPearls Administrator, using the Admin tab:

  • Create Classes (Groups)
  • Create Quizzes / Homework
  • Create Tests with instructor-only questions (Private Questions)
  • View Usage Reports / Performance on Quizzes and Tests
  • Assign Readings from StatPearls ebook that is not only linked through this subscription for various quiz questions, but is also freely available through the National Library of Medicine. Based on the reading, you can create Tests and Quizzes that will automatically pull up the associated questions related to the reading.

Create Classes

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Classes

  1. Make sure all students in your course have created a free StatPearls account, using their FSU email address, by going to this link and selecting Sign-up
  2. Students will need to check their email to verify their account after it's created.
  1. Remember, as an instructor, StatPearls should have already sent you an email invitation that you'll need to verify and complete your account registration using your full name FSU email address
  2. Login to StatPearls.
  1. If your user Dashboard isn't showing by default, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select User Dash
  2. Click on the Admin tab to the left, and then you must click on the yellow button that says FERRISST Learning Management System (screenshot below) to access Admin options

Screenshot of step 6

  1. Welcome to the actual Admin area, that gives you the option to create Groups for each desired class.
  2. When you click on Groups, you'll give the Group (class) a name.
  3. Add users. You'll see the options to add existing users or invite users via email.
  4. Once everybody has joined StatPearls, you can finalize your Groups (Classes)

Create Assignments (Custom Exams)

Now that you know how to create Groups (classes), learn how to create Quizzes for the classes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Quizzes

  1. Make sure you're signed into StatPearls ( using your full name FSU email address. 
  2. Follow the steps above to get to the official Admin area for FSU by going to User Dash > Admin > FERRISST Learning Management System.
  3. Click into Groups and then select your Group (Class) and select Home for your group (screenshot below).

Screenshot of Home tab as mentioned in step 3

  1. Select Quizzes or Private Tester.
  2. Select Create a Quiz
  3. Enter indicated information, such as Quiz name
  4. Select the desired mode: Test Mode for quizzes; Study mode for homework.
  5. You can filter by Sciences, and then you can let the system Pre-Select Questions, or you can scroll down the screen and select individual questions. For the selected questions, each has a specific ID, and you can search by Question #, Level of difficulty, etc., or also do random questions
  6. Now that quiz is created, click on Assign, and then it automatically sends it to all students that are part of the Group and lets you determine the release date and time.

Quiz vs. Private Tester

Private Tester Questions:
1) Different from Quiz questions - utilize private questions that only faculty can see.
2) To create Test, follow same steps as above, selecting Private Tester. It's guaranteed students won't have seen the questions before from creating their own practice quizzes.
3) Can set time for both tests and quizzes to be open.
4) For Private Tester, can require videocam for taking exam. StatPearls has built in anti-cheating system that includes monitoring for switching browsers, tabs, and the video required option. Anti-cheating system does video and screen capture.

Reviewing Students' Scores

  1. At this point you've used the Admin portion of your Dashboard. Now you'll select LMS Admin from your Dashboard (screenshot below), and then select Groups to view the correct Group (Class)

Screenshot of step 1

  1. Click on the correct Group (Class), and then use the Group's top navigation and select what you'd like to view: Quizzes, Private Testing, or Reading Assignments (screenshot below)

Screenshot of step 2

  1. For viewing assigned quizzes, tests, or reading assignments, once you've selected the correct option, you'll see a button for Assigned Quizzes, etc., click on that button to see performance (screenshot below)

screenshot of step 3

  1. Now you'll be able to see the students' scores!

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