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Background Information from Ebooks

Gathering background information, or "presearch" is a crucial part of information gathering.  Reference books are a great source of background information.  Suggested resources for background information include:

Scholarly Articles

Best Bets

Full Text Reminder

Remember, to link out to the full text of articles in databases such as PubMed and CINAHL, you'll need to use the Ferris FullText link. If you need a reminder on using the Ferris FullText link, please see the Full Text Linking page of this guide.

Focusing CINAHL and PubMed on Dental-Relevant Results

Many of your research topics will be dental in nature by default, such as periodontitis; however, if you have a topic that is broad or are looking up a condition that can impact areas other than the oral cavity, try these filters in CINAHL and PubMed.

Use CINAHL's Advanced Search. Here you'll find the option for Special Interest, and can select Dental Care. Note: this filter is at the bottom of the screen, so be sure to scroll down far enough

Screen shot of the Special Interest menu on CINAHL's Advanced Search with Dental Care highlighted

Step 1: After you've run a search in PubMed, use the left-hand filters and keep scrolling until you see the box that says Additional filters.

Screenshot showing above step for scrolling to Additional filters

Step 2: Select Additional Filters

Screenshot of Step 2

Step 3: Once in Additional Filters, select Journal.  Check the box next to Dental Journals and select Show.  *Your filter is still not applied, see next step!

Step 4: Journal categories will then display in the left-hand filters menu. Check the Dental journals box!

Screenshot of Step 4

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