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Finding evidence-based resources

Background Information

Gathering background information, or "presearch" is a crucial part of information gathering.  Reference books are a great source of background information.  Suggested resources for background information include:

Suggested Databases to Find Articles on Your Topics

CINAHL, The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature draws information from more than 3000 journals.  Some CLLS journals included in CINAHL are:

  1. American Laboratory
  2. Clinical Laboratory Science
  3. Clinical Laboratory Reference
  4. Laboratory Medicine
  5. MLO

For hints on using CINAHL, go to the CINAHL tab.

  1. Clinical Laboratory Science
  2. Clinical Chemistry
  3. MLO

1. MLO
2. Clinical Laboratory Science

Note: Although these databases are searching through some of the same clinical laboratory science journals, they also contain unique content not found in the other databases.

Building Your Search Strategy

Before you begin searching in large article databases such as CINAHL or PubMed, be sure to create an effective search strategy to obtain optimal results.  Please download the document below.

Full Text Reminder

Remember, to link out to the full text of articles in databases such as PubMed and CINAHL, you'll need to use the Find It link. If you need a reminder on using the Find It link, please see the Full Text Linking tab.