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PDET 499 Standards and Demographics

FLITE electronic resources

FLITE subscribes to a wide variety of databases, electronic journal packages, electronic reference resources, and ebook packages. Databases and other resources provided by the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) are also available through FLITE.

Here are some of FLITE's useful electronic resources.


SmartSearch searches many of FLITE's electronic resources (journals, databases, ebooks) plus the book catalog in one step. Electronic resources listed in the initial search results are all available in full-text. Click the "" box to see articles that FLITE doesn't have but that we can get through Interlibrary Loan.

SmartSearch provides direct access to FLITE's journal packages, including Springer, Wiley, Elsevier, Oxford, and Sage, along with many other business and technology journals and publications.

Search most of FLITE's resources right here:

Getting the Article

Once you've found citations relevant to the topic you're working with and you need to get a copy of the articles, you'll need to verify whether FLITE owns the particular journal in which each article was published. Many databases now have a link called "Find It", which gives you the range of options available to find the material. If the full text of the article is available, you will be able to find the article by clicking on the Go button.

Sometimes the Find It button will provide a link to the Library Catalog. This indicates that the journal is found in FLITE's print collection. If you are off-campus and can't come to FLITE, simply order the article through Interlibrary Loan and mention you are an off-campus student in the Notes field.

If the Find It link only shows the ILL option, then you will need to request it through your ILL account. When you order an article through ILL, it will always be scanned and available as a PDF. When the article is available, you'll get a notification that includes a link to access the article. These links do expire eventually from your account so be sure to save a copy to your computer.

Business and Company Information

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