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Open Educational Resources (OER): Free the Textbook

Information about OER Materials

Library e-books (Free to students because of library subscriptions, but not open.)

Library e-books

  • Helpful when academic or trade books are assigned for course readings
  • Not all titles available for purchase as library e-book 
  • Standard textbook publishers rarely offer library e-books
  • Library e-books have advantages and disadvantages


  • Free access with a Ferris login from off campus.
  • Can be read by any device with an internet browser: desktop computer, laptop, i-pad, or e-book device with an internet connection
  • No staff involvement needed (unlike print course reserves accessed at library)
  • May be purchased as unlimited multiple user option, allowing simultaneous access (not always)


  • May not allow highlighting and annotating - national survey shows students prefer ability to highlight and annotate
  • (Some books do provide digital highlighting and annotating)
  • Limited options for downloading or printing content
  • May only be available in a one-person-at-a-time option
  • May display best on desktop or laptop, not as well on phones, i-pads, and other devices.

Multiple User e-books vs. Single User e-books

  • Some library e-books allow any number of readers access at once
  • Some can only be purchased and accessed as single-use, one at a time.
  • A second user must wait for the first to stop reading the book.
  • Ask your Subject Librarian - number of users might be able to be changed with a further purchase

Tips for Using E-books as Course Reading

  • Place a print copy of the book in Course Reserves at FLITE for in-library use,  helpful for students less comfortable with e-books.
  • Be sure to provide proper access to the material with fail-safe links; (See procedures for FSU Proxy Prefix for E-books and Articles)
  • Assign stable links for your materials.  Do not just cut and paste.  Ask your Subject Librarian for help.
  • If you experience problems, contact your Subject Librarian.  Access problems may have a different solution than you expect  


E-books: Ownership vs. Subscription Service Issues

FLITE e-book ownership vs. subscription services

  • Some FLITE e-books are purchased and owned by the library.
  • Other FLITE e-books are accessed as part of subscription service, not owned
  • Typical researcher?
    • No matter.  If you can read the book, you have what you need
  • Instructor using book for course readings? 
    • It could matter if books accessed through a subscription service disappear


E-book Collections

Databases providing access to individual books and to cross-searching across numerous books for relevant information.  (Cannot currently link to EBSCOhost as an e-book collection.  Emailed Sela.)

EBSCOhost e-books?

Health and Medical e-books

FSU Proxy Prefix for e-Books and Articles

Linking to FLITE Articles and e-Book Chapters - Add this link

Please link to articles and e-books rather than scanning or placing a copy on reserve, as this is often a violation of copyright guidelines.

For off-campus access, please add this link before the url of your article or book chapter:


(insert the link without the stars or parentheses)

This link requires all students to login before they can read the e-book chapter or articles.