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Basics of Genealogy

This guide was created to help people who are new to genealogy.

Critical Family History

Having access to written records or any records comes with having privilege. These resources and readings will help expand your thoughts beyond names and dates, and give you ideas to think about as you do your research. While genealogy necessarily focuses on indviduals and individual families, keep in mind that your family existed in a particular physical place at a particular moment in time. 

"As you map out your individual family, start asking questions about the context of their lives. As you look into how they were situated within a class system, a racial structure, and a gender structure, then ask how that knowledge might enable you to understand yourself, and how it might help you see how unjust relationships formed and can be transformed, then you are doing critical family history." - Christine Sleeter


Genealogy and Anti-Racism: A Resource for White People