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Basics of Genealogy

This guide was created to help people who are new to genealogy.

Intro to Census Records

Census records are a great source to find your family in a certain place, at a certain time. Almost everyone shows up in census records! The 1950 is the most current census and it became available April 1, 2022, but indexing is not yet complete. 

Accessing Census Records at FLITE

Access census records through:


  • There are a lot of ways to get to the census records - try looking under Census Collections. Click on U.S. Censuses and then on the year of the census you are interested in. 
  • Fill in the name of one person and choose a state and maybe a county.
  • When you find a family that looks promising, check the names of the other family members with the information you've already gathered. Do they seem to match up? Does this seem to be the right family?
  • Remember to look at the names around the family - these were their neighbors and often other family members.

Other Information About Census Records