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FSUS 100/HNRS 100

Information about the Library especially useful for new students arriving on campus

FLITE Printing Instructions

  • Send the print job from your computer by hitting Print or using CTRL P. 
  • Select Black & White ($.10 per page) or Color ($.25 per page).  Black & White is the Default.
  • Enter your FSU username and password in the pop-up window and press "Enter".
  • Another window will appear showing your document is being held in a queue. Your print job was sent to the printer and is ready to print.
  • Go to the printer, log in with your FSU username and password. 
  • Select your print job(s) from the screen. 
  • Click on the "Print" link to the right of your print job.
  • If you need to add funds to your printing account, click the "Add Value" button at the top of the screen. 
  • The money collector to the right of the computer will begin blinking. 
  • Insert dollar bills into the machine to fund your account.
  • The machine does not make change and no refunds are given for unused funds. 
  • See the checkout desk to change larger bills. 
  • There is an ATM that dispenses dollar bills in the Extended Hours Area.
  • Log out of the print station after receiving your prints.

Printer Locations

Printer locations: 

  • First Floor (2 black & white and 1 color)
  • Second Floor (near elevator corridor)
  • FLITE Deck (near vending room)