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Social Work

This guide will help you get started when you are doing research in the area of Social Work.

Why bother with government documents?

Federal Depository logo

Federal Depository logo

All levels of government - international, federal, state, and local - produce a large range of documents, policy and research reports, and statistics.

In fact, the federal government is the largest collector of statistics in the country.

Many if not most government documents are now distributed on the Internet. Some, especially older, government documents are available in print. FLITE has a government documents collection since 2001. Most of FLITE's print government Documents are housed on the lower level of FLITE.

Government Documents available at FLITE can be searched through the Online Catalog.

For more information and assistance, you may want to check out the links on FLITE's government documents webpage or make an apointment to talk with FLITE's government documents librarian.

Using Google to find government documents

Use the Advanced Search features in Google to find government documents.

Run your search in Google, then click on the cogwheel in the upper-right hand corner. Click on Advanced Search

Once you get to the Advanced Search screen, limit your domain search to .gov sites and run your search again. logo is an excellent starting point for finding government documents. You can find everything from detailed statistics and reports to consumer-type information here. finds publications and websites for the federal, state, and local governments.


Other ways to find government documents