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Tabletop Game Design

Definitions of mechanics, pieces, and creation process of table top games. Links to examples and other fun things

Dungeons and Dragons

dungeons and dragons guidebook edition 5 cover

Introduction to RPGS

RPGs are unique in gaming in that they typically require a Game Master (also Dungeon Master, Judge, or Referee). They are categorized as having very few limitations for players, thick rulebooks, and  the need for imagination. They can be played with or without miniatures, online or off.

Links to Roleplaying Game Resources

Outside of these links there are also a multitude of RPG resources on personal blogs and even more system-specific resources.

Happy Jack's RPG Podcast

Currently the highest ranking RPG podcast. Be warned, language runs amock.

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Fear the Boot RPG Podcast

Venerable RPG podcast. Great discussions on all things in the hobby.

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