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Multicultural and Diverse Juvenile Books

This guide can help you select juvenile books from a variety of cultures in the FLITE collection

Getting Started

Finding Multicultural Award Winners

Type the Award Name into the Library Catalog search box.  FLITE owns most of the award-winning titles and many of the honor books.

Finding Other Multicultural Juvenile Titles

To specify multicultural books in the Juvenile Collection, follow these steps:

  1. Type your assigned culture into the catalog search box:
    • Asian (search Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. as well)
    • Jewish
    • Muslim
    • Native American,
    • African-American
    • Hispanic
    • Etc.
  2. From your results page, scroll down the left column until you can select under "Search Found In" the word Subject for your term.
  3. From the resulting list, scroll down the left column and select under "Locations", the words FSU Juvenile 1st Floor.