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Psychology: Getting Started

If you need a place to start your psychology research, this guide is for you!

Psychology News

From the APA's PsycPORT: Psychology  Newswire

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More Psychology News

From The Mental Elf
(shortlisted for the UK Science Blog Prize 2012)

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Where to start

FLITE has a number of choices for those times when Wikipedia just won't cut it as you learn more about your topic.

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Calsidyrose. (2010). Compass Study [photo]. CC. Retrieved from

You can look in CREDO Reference, which covers a little bit of everything (including psychology).

Or, you can check FLITE's catalog for psychology encyclopedias.  Some are in print, but others are online!

Some useful websites

Mental Health Topics
From the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Includes reports and prevalence of disorders by state.