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PILOT (2021-22)

These instructions are for Ferris professors explaining how to import PILOT into their Ferris courses


These instructions are for PROFESSORS only. Students cannot add PILOT to Canvas themselves; it must be added to your course. If you have questions, please contact Stacy Anderson at

PILOT is now in Canvas Commons

All PILOT modules as well as the pre- and post-tests are now located in the Canvas Commons so that it can be fully integrated in your Canvas course shell.

Both the pre- and post-tests as well as the unit quizzes are set as practice quizzes with zero points. If you would like to assign grades and/or points to the quizzes, you may modify that information after you import the module into your Canvas shell. 


Locating and Importing PILOT from the Commons

  • To locate PILOT in the Canvas Commons, open up Canvas.
  • On the left side of your screen, look for the icon that says Commons, and click on it.                 Canvas Commons button; red with Commons
  • Search for FLITE and PILOT
  • You should see a thumbnail that looks like this: 

Photo of FLITE that says Module PILOT Information Literacy Tutorial FLITE LIbrary

  • Click on the thumbnail and on the new screen, look to the right. 
  • Click on the Import/Download button and then select the course(s) you want to import the module into.

Import/Download button to import into your course

  • You should see a green bar that says you have successfully started the import.

  • Once the module has been imported, you can add points to tests and quizzes and change the status from "practice" to "graded" if you want to add them to your gradebook.


Comments and Feedback

If you experience any problems while taking PILOT, please contact Stacy Anderson

If you notice typos, errors, or have comments about the tutorial itself, please contact Stacy Anderson