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New York Times at Ferris State University

This guide will provide information on how to create an account and access The New York Times via Ferris' access.

Need Help?

If you need help obtaining access to the Ferris State University Libraries’ subscription to The New York Times, contact the paper’s site license support at for assistance.

Check The New York Times’ Troubleshooting Guide ( if you are having problems obtaining access to the paper or are hitting a content limit.


  1. I already have a paid subscription to The New York Times online. How can I get access through the Ferris State University Libraries subscription?

You must contact The New York Times at 1-800-591-9233 or 1-800-6984637 and ask that your current subscription be canceled before you will be able to activate your account under the Ferris State University Libraries’ subscription. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate your account under the Libraries’ subscription. Keep in mind, however, that the Libraries''s subscription to The New York Times has some restrictions that your personal subscription may not have. Consider the options carefully before deciding to cancel your own subscription.  (If you registered for your paid subscription under another of your email addresses, you can still register for the Libraries’ subscription using your Ferris email address.]

  1. Why can’t I log in?

You must first activate your account from Ferris State University’s network by using the link to create an account.

  1. It says my email address isn't valid?

You need to use the short form of your email address. Clicking on your profile in Outlook should show you your short form email address.

  1. I'm at Kendall College? Can I access The New York Times?

Yes! Anyone with a address can create an account.

  1. Do I always have to use my Ferris email address to login to my New York Times account?

No. After you have created your account with your Ferris email account, you can go into your personal settings and connect your Google, Apple, or Facebook account and use those to login.

  1. Why am I asked to login on some occasions and not others?

Your browser cache or history may have cleared itself. Go to and log back in.

  1. Can the Ferris State University Libraries’ subscription to The New York Times be accessed via tablet?

Yes, the Ferris State Libraries’ subscription includes access to the newspaper via The New York Times tablet apps. Go to from your tablet's web browser to download the applicable tablet app. Please see [link to mobile section] for more information about accessing the newspaper via mobile device.

  1. Does the Ferris State University Libraries’ subscription to The New York Times have any user restrictions?

You must have a valid Ferris State University email address to register. Our access does not include e-reader editions or the Times Insider. New York Times apps are not supported on all devices.

  1. Do Ferris State University alumni have access to the Libraries’ subscription to The New York Times?

No, but they can initiate their own subscriptions at