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EDLA 461 (Kavanaugh)

Resources and suggestions for research in EDLA 461

If you find a citation to an article from something other than a database say in the references of an article or Google Scholar, you can check to see if FLITE subscribes to that journal full-text online, or in another format.

There are two ways to do this. Try the easiest way first! 

1) Copy the entire article title (not the journal title) by highlighting it

2) On FLITE's home page, paste it into the SmartSearch box

If you don't see a link for the full-text, try this next.

1) Click on the Journals tab on FLITE's Smart Search Menu

Image of Smartsearch bar with Journals tab highlighted


2) Search by the journal title (not the article title).

  • If FLITE subscribes to that journal, click on the name and examine the different databases it's available in. Pay special attention to the dates to see if they include the date of your citation.

  • If FLITE does not subscribe to the journal, or if the date you need is not available, you will need to use interlibary loan to get your article.