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Why bother with databases?

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1. Most of what you find on Google isn't scholarly.

2. When you do find something scholarly on Google, the site often asks you to pay for it.

3. You should never have to pay for content.  That's what the library is for!

Best Bets - Recommended Databases: Education

Best Bets: ‚Äč

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Finding an Article in Full-Text

You've found an article, but you  don't have the full-text yet.  If you aren't using SmartSearch, many of your Education databases will supply a "Find-It" link which helps you find your online article.  Sometimes "Find It" will lead you to the FLITE Library Catalog which means the journal is in print or microform.  Contact the library, and we'll help get it to you.  If you are off-campus, use InterLibrary Loan.

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