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Suggestion 1:

  1. Click on Advanced Search under the search box
  2. Enter your search terms
  3. Scroll down and check the box next to Research Article (research needs to be done in order for there to be evidence)

Screenshot of selected checkbox by Research Article

4) Scroll down and under Special Interest select Dental Care

Select Dental Care from Special Interest

Suggestion 2:

  1. Click on Advanced Search under the search box
  2. Enter your search terms
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Search screen, and under Special Interest select Evidence-Based Practice

Screenshot of CINAHL Special Interest filter with Evidence-Based Practice selected

Full Text Linking

In CINAHL and PubMed, look for Ferris FullText to determine how the article is available. In PubMed you need to click on the article title to see the Ferris FullText option. See the Full Text Linking page to learn more about retrieving full text.

Focusing your PubMed Search

You may be searching a broad topic, but need to filter your results to be relevant to dental care. Limiting your results to the Dental journals subset is an effective way to focus your search.

Below are steps to limit your results to Dental journals in PubMed.

Step 1: After you've run a search in PubMed, use the left-hand filters and keep scrolling until you see the box that says Additional filters.

Screenshot showing above step for scrolling to Additional filters

Step 2: Select Additional Filters

Screenshot of Step 2

Step 3: Once in Additional Filters, select Journal.  Check the box next to Dental journals and select Show.  Note: Your filter is still not applied, see next step!

Step 4: Journal will then display in the left-hand filters menu. Check the Dental journals box!

Screenshot of step 4 indicating to be sure to check box next to Dental journals

Once you've focused your results in PubMed, click on article titles and read the abstract. Determine if it is a research article rather than an overview. Remember, research needs to be done for there to be evidence!