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This guide is to inform you about about some basic copyright issues. It does not constitute legal advice in any manner.


Our E-Reserves system is an easy to use system that can allow access to content for your students to read. To help us avoid copyright issues, it is best to link to the articles if at all possible. The scanning of documents in your possession, does require us to obtain copyright for these articles, whereas linking does not. For assistance in locating articles to use for E-Reserves, consult your library liaison.


You can also use Canvas to place items in your course shell. This allows you to control the timing of the readings without needing assistance from others. Again, we prefer you use linking to the articles, rather than scanning or placing a copy of the article on reserve, as this is a violation of copyright guidelines. Your liaison librarian can assist you in locating articles to link to from our array of sources. The E-Learning Office staff can assist you with the Canvas technicalities of adding items to your course shell. 

For off-campus access, please add this link * ( *(Insert link minus the parentheses) so off-campus students can access the material. This will require all students to login to read the articles.