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START HERE! Open this to use as a reference!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Some of you may have noticed that Word offers an APA Template. Because of how Word templates work, you'll be better off creating your own custom template that you can modify as needed.

  1. Word HOME tab: Change your font to Times New Roman 12
  2. Word HOME tab: Change your spacing, under the Paragraph drop-down menu to Double. Make sure that the spacing Before and After are both set at 0, and check the box for Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style
  3. Word PAGE LAYOUT tab: Change your margins to 1 inch all sides
  4. Hit Enter until you are on the 1st line of the 2nd page.
  5. Type in your paper's full Title on the 2nd page, and then center the title (this is normally the page that would have your abstract if an abstract was required). Hit enter to go to the first line of text on the 2nd page.
  6. Use the Paragraph alignment icons on the Home tab to go back to Left alignment. Once your cursor is at the left on the first line of text, hit Tab to indent 1 inch for the start of the first paragraph, and enter: This is where my introduction goes
  7. Go back to the top of the 1st page and double click in the Header (top) area of the 1st page. This should take you into the Header & Footer Tools Design area. Enter your 1st page header by:
    1. Selecting the check box by Different First Page
    2. Type in: Running head: SHORTENED VERSION OF TITLE
    3. Make sure the header also is using Times New Roman 12 font
  8. Set up the header for the rest of the document by going to the 2nd page and double clicking in the Header (top) area:
    1. Type in: SHORTENED VERSION OF TITLE (note, it does not say Running head)
    2. Make sure this header is in Times New Roman 12
  9. Set up your page numbering:
    1. Double click in the first page Header area, and put your cursor to the Right of the Running head: SHORTENED TITLE
    2. Tab twice (or just click on the right-hand side) to get the cursor to the right-hand side of the page and select Insert from Word's top menu, and enter Page Number
    3. Be sure to select Current Position, and Plain Number
    4. Scroll to the 2nd page, and put your cursor in the correct place and once again Insert Page Number, Current Position, Plain Number. Your page numbering should now be set for the rest of the document. Close your Header area.
  10. Go to the first page and on put your cursor at the 1st line of text. Enter your Title Page Information: Refer to the Purdue Owl APA Sample Paper
  11. Use the Word Home tab option to center the text on the page
  12. Highlight your Title Page text, and the use the Page Layout tab, and select the pull-down arrow under Page Setup, select the Layout tab, and under Vertical Alignment select , and then to center the Title Page Information vertically, select Center, and be sure that the Apply to pull-down menu says Selected text.
  13. You've likely had your 2nd page information go down on the page from centering the 1st page text. Delete the extra spaces so your 2nd page is back up top, and on the 2nd page, after your introduction, put in the first Level 1 Heading - this should be bolded and title case, for example: Definition of Quality and Safety in Nursing
  14. Enter your text, paragraph format, and then proceed for each heading as a Level 1 Heading for each major section of your paper.