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Reserving Rooms in Spaces

Directions for reserving a room


Hello and welcome to the step by step guide on making a room or lobby table reservation with our new software. This guide will walk you through the process of reserving a room in the library. 

As always if you have any questions contact a librarian!

Reserving a Room

To start, go to and select the type of room that you'd like to reserve. After doing so, you should see a screen similar to the one below.

1. Space Selection - Use these drop downs to select which room category you want to reserve or the number of people you are looking ot accomodate

2. Confirmed Bookings - Click this to go to a page showing all of the currently booked rooms for today

3. Go to Date - Select what day you want to book the room  for

4. Room Information - Click the "i" to see more information about each room. Room capacity and number are also listed here.

5. Time Slots - Green rectangles are time slots that are available and red ones are unavailable to reserve. Clicking on one of these will begin the booking process.

Click on the green rectangle that corresponds to the room and the time you want the reservation to start to initiate the reservation. process.

The time slots are in 15 minute blocks, giving you finer control of when your reservation begins and ends.

Red rectangles represent time slots that have already been booked and cannot be clicked on.

If you would like to select a different date, click on "Go To Date." You will get a pop-up like the one below. Just click the date you'd like.


After selecting your room and time, the screen should change to something like the one below.


1. Time Slots - Notice that the one you're reserving changes yellow.

2. End Time Adjustment - This is where you select the end time of your reservation.


Reservations default to only 15 minutes, so make sure to click the drop down menu to select the correct end time. It will look like this.



You will be able to book multiple times and rooms with the same form. To do so, just click on another green rectangle (even from a different date!). A new end time drop down menu will appear under the first, like in the example below.



If you have multiple classes on the same day, please select each class separately, this will make it easier for your students to find your class later.  

Once you have added all of your times and filling out the form click on the "Submit Times" button. This will take you to the reservation form (see below)



Fill out the form. Notice that the times you specified are listed above the form, and can be editted by clicking on the "Change" text. When your done click on "Submit my Booking". You'll then get a screen like the one below, confirming that the reservation was successful.



You'll be able to reserve another room immediately from this screen if you'd like.

And that's all there is to it! You will receive an email confirming your request. After it has been approved you will receive a second email that will allow you to cancel.