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BEYOND: Mythology: About BEYOND


About the BEYOND Mythologies Project at Ferris State University

The Center for Global Studies and Engagement (CGSE) is partnering with faculty and staff to promote an annual international theme into the classroom and beyond. The goal is to integrate curricular learning to co-curricular experiences to raise global perspectives. 

The international theme for this coming academic year is "BEYOND: Mythologies". BEYOND: Mythologies will focus on the myths found throughout the world and how they influence the modern globalized world. By myths, we mean the narratives that express collective experiences interpreted by groups, structuring our understanding of the world, transcending time and space. The goal of the BEYOND events and annual theme is to open the minds and curiosity of students and community members alike to global cultures.

WHO: Faculty, staff, students and community members will be gathering for this thought-provoking celebration of global mythologies.

WHEN: October 20th, 2013 at Ferris State University in the IRC Corridor, (Interdisciplinary Resource Center). Also, look for other signature events this fall and spring. 

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