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Celebrate Black History Month ~ 2023

Guide with information and resources for Black History Month 2023.

Celebrate Black History Month ~ 2023

While the month of February is set aside every year to honor Black History Month, it should be understood that Black history is woven into all American history and should be considered, explored, studied and celebrated at all times. 

These pages contain just a small selection of resources across the subject area of Black History. We encourage you to explore beyond the limits of this short guide.

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Black Resistance is the theme of Black History Month 2023. African Americans continue to resist ongoing historic and ongoing oppression, racism and discrimination across all sectors of life. Resistance is part of the fight in seeking inclusion, equity and equality for a self-determined life in which all African Americans can thrive. Please visit the ASALH page for a full essay on the theme of black resistance. 

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

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The annual themes for Black History Month are selected by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Please visit their website to learn more about:

The ASAHL will offer programming during a month long virtual festival celebrating the 2023 theme - ASALH Virtual Black History Month Festival 

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