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BIOL 460 (Westerkamp)

This guide links you to resources and tips to support BIOL 460 research.

Primary Sources in Science

  • Present new or original research findings
  • A primary source is a firsthand account (the author conducted the research or experiment)
  • Original findings can from a study or experiment can be shared in many ways:  Original Research Articles, Case Studies, Lab Notes, etc. 
  • Original research articles in peer-reviewed journals are the primary sources that you will need and are most easily accessed

Primary Sources in Science

  • Original Research Articles

  • Dissertations and Theses

  • Lab Notes

  • Interviews

  • Conference Papers and Proceedings

  • Case Studies and Reports

  • Patents

  • Technical Reports

Secondary Sources in Science

  • Refer to, interpret or summarize others' original research findings in some way
  • Present information that is already well-known or well-established 
  • Good for providing overviews of a topic
  • Examples:  Review Articles, Systematic Reviews, Encyclopedias and many Books

Secondary Sources in Science

  • Encyclopedias

  • Handbooks

  • Textbooks

  • Review Articles

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Meta-analyses

  • Many Books