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CRIM 420 - Law Enforcement Academy

Effective and ethical uses of information with an emphasis on images

Find background/overview information

Online reference sources give you an overview of your topic, provide helpful background information, and often provide you with ideas for good search terms to try in article databases.

What are government documents?

All levels of government - international, federal, state, and local - produce a large range of documents, policy and research reports, and statistics. In fact, the federal government is the largest collector of statistics in the country.

Government document websites

Resources to locate government documents include:

Find journal articles

Use FLITE's SmartSearch and other subject-specific databases to find magazine and journal articles on a particular topic. Many links in SmartSearch and the databases provide the full-text of the articles that you find; some may only provide a citation or an abstract.

Criminal Justice Databases

Business & General Databases


You can also try SmartSearch: