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Information for Election Year 2016

VOTE 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Election Guide. This guide was created to help students at KCAD/FSU learn more about the upcoming primaries, presidential election, its candidates, and the issues. It provides links to media coverage of the various campaigns, information about voter registration, selected sites to fact check, and more to help you make educated choices come election day.


The deadline for Michigan voter registration is OCTOBER 11, 2016.

Michigan Voter Information Center ~

Rock the Vote ~
Building political power for young people


       American Presidency Project -

       Ballotpedia -,_2016 -

       League of Women Voters -​

       Open Secrets - 

       Pew Research Center -

       Politifact -

       Vote Smart -​

       Washington Post Fact Checker -

This site is meant for gathering information about various aspects of the 2016 election and political candidates.  It does not represent the views of KCAD/FSU or the KCAD Library Staff.  The resources highlighted are not intended to favor any political affiliation or organization cited; alphabetical order is used in many cases for simplicity and logical layout.