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ASC Tutors Guide to FLITE

MINOR Problems: Small issues (you can answer these yourself right away).

Your Student Needs a Book

Search our catalog by author, title, or keyword to find books on many topics. Remember that FLITE purchases both ebooks and print books to support students on and off the Big Rapids campus. Both formats are acceptable for an assignment that requires a book.

DELAYED: Research questions of medium difficulty (give it a shot, contact a librarian if you don't find an answer within 10 minutes).

  • Your student needs a few articles to get their writing started. 
    • SmartSearch is our starting database for almost any discipline as it collects results from many databases and displays their results all together. Control your result numbers using the limiting facets on the left hand side of your results screen.

IMMEDIATE: Hard Research (don't wait, contact a librarian immediately for research assistance).

- Medical questions from students enrolled in the College of Health Professions.

- Genealogy questions.

- Technical questions that use a lot of jargon outside of your personal area of expertise.

- Questions about demographics.

- Questions that ask you to take a side politically or ethically.