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Simmons OneView Basic Guide

Introduction to Simmons OneView

Access Simmons OneView

Simmons OneView contains data from the National Consumer Study, an annual survey of US consumers' buying and media habits.  Use OneView to create customized reports of the data.  Most recent data is from 2014.  

What is Simmons OneView

What is Simmons OneView?

Simmons OneView  provides access to U.S. adult consumer data on product and brand usage, spending behavior, media habits, and more. It can be used to create customized reports analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of product users and their media behavior. The data comes from the Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS), which is sent out to samples of the U.S. population several times a year. There's also the Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study (NHCS), which includes the same data as the NCS but asks additional questions of Hispanics. Currently we only have data from the 2013 survey.  As we continue to subsribe to this resource, more dates will be added. 

What is the data used for?

The reports you can generate are helpful for a variety of topics:

  • marketing strategy - to determine to target consumer group for a product
  • advertising decisions - to study what media may reach a particular target group
  • statistics and data - to determine how many people in the sample read X.  Who are they? How many people in the sample have habit Y?  Who are they?

Please note that this is a survey of adults.  Children under 18 and international consumers are not included.  



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