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Need to Know? Islam
By focusing on the key principles of Islam, the book presents a general outline of the religion with emphasis on the words of Muhammad. The book also delves into current topics on Islam. Recommended for those who are unfamiliar with the religion as it presents a basic overview. -This ebook is found in the Credo Reference ebook package.
The Qur'an - translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
Publication Date: 2001
The electronic version of Islam's holy book translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. This standard resource first published in 1934 is accessed through the Credo Reference Collection.
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Reel bad Arabs : how Hollywood vilifies a people - Jack G. Shaheen
ISBN: 1566563887
Publication Date: 2001
Reviewing 900 films that span the entire 20th century, Jack Shaheen has documented the offensive stereotypes against Arabs and Muslims used in Hollywood cinema. The book includes a list of common labels given to Arabic peoples and the movies that portray Arabs and Muslims in the worst light, and the movies that offer positive images. According to Resources for College Libraries, the book is essential for any academic study on this “neglected topic.”

Reference Resources

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Encyclopedia of philosophy - Donald M. Borchert, editor in chief.
ISBN: 0028657802
Publication Date: 2006
Updated from the authoritative 1967 edition, Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains more than 2,100 entries, of which 450 are new. The ten-volume encyclopedia also includes over 1,000 biographical entries on significant philosophers.
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Encyclopedia of Religion - Lindsay Jones, editor in chief.
Publication Date: 2005
Coverage: Representative Doctrines, Faiths, Practices, Traditions, and Dogmas. The fifteen-volume Encyclopedia of Religion includes essays from a significant number of contributors (spanning some fifty-odd pages) who represent a number of doctrines, faiths, practices, traditions, and dogmas. Virtually every world religion and denomination is given ample treatment by a noted scholar, with a number of these renowned in their respective fields. An interesting feature of the work is the inclusion of fourteen visual essays that provide various liturgical objects of worship and other iconic aspects pertinent to the visual culture of religions; the final volume (v. 15) includes an Appendix, a Synoptic Outline of Contents, and a lengthy and protracted Index.
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The Oxford dictionary of Islam -John L. Esposito, editor in chief.
Publication Date: 2004
Containing over 2,000 entries, The Oxford Dictionary of Islam is designed to provide relevant information on Islam with a focus on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is created for the reader who possesses “little or no knowledge of Islam.” Entries include such topics as the Taliban, HAMAS, the Pillars of Islam, and notable figures of the religion. The dictionary offers many general resources, and it is a great starting point for those who are new to the religion.

Note: An online version of this encyclopedia is available through Oxford Reference Online. Click here to access the electronic version.

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