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Democracy Now! April 27, 2010
Publication Date: 2010
Available as a DVD, this recording from the hour-long daily TV program features a discussion on the controversial Arizona immigration bill at the time that it was introduced.
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Which way home
ISBN: 9781422910450
Publication Date: 2009
The HBO documentary follows a group of unaccompanied minors from Mexico who are as young as eight years old as they journey to the border in a struggle to gain entry into America. It is a provoking film on the harsh realities of immigration into America.


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Illegal : life and death in Arizona's immigration war zone - Terry Greene Sterling.
ISBN: 9781599218618
Publication Date: 2010
Journalist Terry Greene Sterling tells the stories of immigrants in Arizona and those who prosecute them through interviews and conversations. The book provides an excellent primary source on immigration issues and the US-Mexico border in Arizona.
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Immigration in the United States - edited by William Dvorak.
Publication Date: 2009
Part of an annual series on current topics, Immigration in the United States is a collection of articles and essays from major magazines and newspapers on important immigration issues, such as border security, assimilation, popular opinion of immigrants, and immigration politics.
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People on the move : an atlas of migration - Russell King
ISBN: 9780520261242
Publication Date: 2010
The atlas contains a diverse amount of data on immigration around the world and throughout history. It includes maps of 20th century immigration into America and data in the form of maps, graphs, and charts on a variety of topics, including the number of deaths at the US-Mexico border, worldwide immigration policy, and worldwide student migration.
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Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America - edited by Jeffrey Lehman.
Publication Date: 2000
The online encyclopedia describes settlement pattens and the history of most ethnic groups in the U.S., in addition to providing a large amount of information on all facets of their cultures.
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Immigration and asylum : from 1900 to the present - Matthew J. Gibney and Randall Hansen, editors.
ISBN: 1576077969
Publication Date: 2005
A comprehensive resource that covers asylum laws around the world, migrant groups in diaspora, and immigration politics. Its third volume contains primary sources concerning immigration topics. Access the ebook version here.

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