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Election Guide 2012: Michigan

Here are some resources to learn more about upcoming elections!

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BallotPedia logo - Go

BallotPedia describes itself like this:

Ballotpedia is a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia about state politics, including elections, congress, state executive officials, state legislatures, recall elections, ballot measures (including ballot measure law, school bond and tax elections and local ballot measures). You can find a full list of projects here. 

Ballotpedia's staff and volunteers particularly focus on the so-called "down-ballot" candidates and ballot measures that typically receive less attention. 

Ballotpedia is a wiki, which means anyone can improve it. By adding your knowledge and fixing mistakes, the quality and depth of Ballotpedia's information improves over time.

You can use BallotPedia to get background information on Michigan ballot measures.  It's a great place to start your research, but make sure you verify the information elsewhere!


News/Talk WJR 760 AM 

This site is significant for two reasons:

1. WJR has a huge people reach, particularly for the early morning commute to work.

2. On October 3, Governor Snyder served as the host for the Paul W. Smith segment  from 5:30 to 9:00 am.  Guests that the Governor interviewed included:  Rich Studley, Michigan Chamber of Commerce executive, on the “Back in Time” proposal;   Ray Norton, Counsel General of Canada, on the bridge issue.

Use the “Media & Podcasts” tab, and click: Paul W. Smith podcasts to reach the Governor’s interviews. 

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