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DCCL Orientation

This guide is for students in the DCCL program at Ferris State University. It is particuarly useful for new students in the program.

Using the Journals tab

image of FLITE's toolbar

Have you found a citation to an article in a book, other artcle, or the Internet? Use the Journals tab on FLITE's homepage to see if FLITE takes that journal online or in print.

Click on the Journals tab in the middle of the FLITE homepage.

Type in the name of the journal (not the article title) and click Search. If FLITE takes that journal, click on the title and you will see the years available. Click on the Go button and you will taken to the journal. You will then need to limit by year and volume/issue number.

If FLITE doesn't have the journal, request it through interlibrary loan.

Don't ever pay for research material! Check to see if the library has it first and then request it through interlibrary loan if it does not.

You can also search for journals with "community college" in the title. This is good for browsing specific journals, but is NOT a efficient or effective way to do research.