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DCCL Orientation

This guide is for students in the DCCL program at Ferris State University. It is particuarly useful for new students in the program.

What is a database?

Journal databases are tools for finding articles published in journals, magazines, and newspapers as well as other resources such as transcripts and statistics. Because they are electronic and can be searched by keyword as well as by title, author, and subject, they are very powerful tools. Some databases provide full-text access to all journals that it provides indexing for while others only have partial full-text access.

The easiest way to find a specific database is to use the A-Z Database list highlighted in the image below.

FLITE toolbar with A-Z list highlihgted

Education & Business Databases

The specialized databases that are useful for DCCL tend to be Education and Business databases. Some include:

Other databases

Other recommended databases at FLITE include (but are not limited to):