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DCCL Orientation

This guide is for students in the DCCL program at Ferris State University. It is particuarly useful for new students in the program.


This course guide is designed to introduce you to a variety of resources that may be helpful to you as a graduate student at Ferris. Welcome!

Get More Help

During the COVID-19 crisis, please contact your liaison for the DCCL program, Stacy Anderson, 231-591-3635 or contact any librarian via the online chat service located on FLITE's homepage. 

Where to Start

image of the FLITE toolbar

To find books, journals, videos, and other library materials, there are several resources to use. Beginning at the library's homepage you will find links for locating all types of library materials.

  • SmartSearch: SmartSearch is a VERY large database that contains books, articles, newspaper articles, videos, and much, much more. It's never a bad place to begin searching for information, but it absolutely is NOT the only place to search. Under this tab you will also see the A-Z list of FLITE's 100+ databases and this is where you will also find a like to e-reserves for your courses.
  • Articles: Limits SmartSearch to just articles; again it's not the only place to search for information.
  • Books and Media: Look for print and e-books under the Books & Media tab; FLITE has access to over 200,000 electronic books!
  • Journals: Use the Journals tab to see if FLITE provides access to a journal; this is useful when you find an article referenced in another article or book or if you find a reference in Google Scholar
  • Course guides: This is where you can find guides like this one that have been created for specific classes