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ENGL 250 (Wykes)

This guide covers resources for Professor Wykes's English 2 class.


Welcome to your Course Help guide from the library.  Please contact us if we can help in any way.

Your search for resources will probably start with SmartSearch.

Why bother with SmartSearch?

  • Most of what you find on Google isn't scholarly.
  • When you do find something scholarly on Google, the site often asks you to pay for it.
  • You should never have to pay for content.  That's what the library is for!


Search many of FLITE's resources right here: scholarly journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles,  links to books, and even images. 

Can't Find What You Need?

Can't Find What You Need?

If you are writing persuasive papers, you probably need the Opposing Viewpoints database. 

Not finding resources yet? Subject databases might help.  Search for specific databases associated with academic majors.

Still having trouble with anything?  Please contact librarians for help.

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[NOTE: Not all of these services are available in the Fall 2020 semester]