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EDUC 420

Resources for use in your EDUC 420 course

Doing Education Research

Need to find scholarly articles, quote statistics, and then use the research in papers you are assigned? 

  • FLITE provides you access to Education academic journals through databases. 
  • Ask for help if you haven't researched with databases before.
  • Check all the major Education databases to search as many academic journals as possible.

Finding Specific Journals at FLITE

You have been asked to find articles from specific journals, something different from most research you have done or will do.

1. Use the Journals Tab on the FLITE Homepage:

Journal Tab

2. Enter name of journal in search box and Search.


3. If we own the journal, you'll find it in the results list.  Click on it.

Journal Available at FLITE


4. This page shows you the databases that contain the journal.  Click a Go button.  (If one doesn't work, click another.)

Database owning journal

5. Once on the Journal page.  Look at a link to search within the journal.  You may also browse individual issues from the right column.

Search individual journal








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