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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: 5.2 Review and update the liaison program

Formula & Score-at-a-Glance

5.2 Review and update the liaison program

 yellow square 


  • Carrie Donovan has led a group in discussing the liaison program.
  • Collection strategy will be a part of that, and is the other major topic for the librarians retreat on July 8, 2016.
  • Other meetings - Fran's meetings in October 2016?

Associated Measures

Associated Data

  • Meting schedules / meeting notes


Rubrics/Questions Used to Determine Score


  • Regular liaison meetings were scheduled for FY 18-19

Data Collector & Frequency

Data Collector/Owner(s):

  • Carrie Donovan
  • Leah Monger
  • Fran Rosen

[Note: Carrie Donovan is no longer employed at FLITE. March 2019]