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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: 4.4 Create professional development plans for all employees

Formula & Score-at-a-Glance

4.4 Create professional development plans for all employees

  yellow box means working on it

Formula:Professional development plans + limited budget = fair distribution of professional development money


  • Meet with each employee to identify professional development opportunities, determine appropriate ones and estimated costs, and desired outcomes. (very, very simple version of something like Timme travel grant application????)

Associated Measures

Associated Data

  • Travel grants applied for
  • Travel grants awarded
  • Previous professional development and associated costs


  • XX number of plans completed by FYXX

Rubrics/Questions Used to Determine Score


  • Professional development plan for each staff member (stored where?)
  • Greater professional development budgeting

Data Collector & Frequency

Data Collector/Owner(s):

  • Scott Garrison
  • Carrie Donovan
  • Leah Monger
  • Josie Van Avery

[Note: Scott Garrison and Carrie Donovan are no longer employed by FLITE. March 2019]


  • 2x/year